Beauty From Chaos

It all began in 2016, when an NGO called One Fund International was established by Dela Anyah. The goal was simple, to fund other NGO’s that were struggling to raise funds and who had strong missions but weren’t gaining traction due to lack of resources. The only major problem he faced was the means to raise funds to support others. This created a huge headache as we (the NGO) ended up going through the very problems we were helping others avoid by coming to us for funding. 

As you can tell, One-fund International failed for the same reason that a lot of NGO’s fail: lack of funding. Though it failed, the desire to support non-profits never died. Then came the “International Day of violence against women and girls”. An artist call went out to create works for the day that would be exhibited at Alliance Francias in Accra. By this time he had moved past One Fund but still had a strong passion for good causes. As he was thinking about the works to create for the exhibition, he stumbled upon jutes sacks outside a store house. Upon picking them up he had an epiphany, he could see all the works and the possibilities. He gathered other discarded materials and got to work on the series. This lead to a movement he termed BEAUTY FROM CHAOS. 

Beauty from chaos is an art movement characterized by works that are made out of trash, disregarded or worthless material with the end product being a work of art that empowers the viewers. These works of art tackle global, social and sometimes personal issues, and most of all stir ups the hearts of people to bring about change and healing to others and/or themselves. Though these works are aesthetic in nature, their end goal as a work of art is to bring healing to people going through chaotic situations, either by empowering activists and other benevolent stakeholders to act or by speaking directly to the victims survivors of the issues tackled in the work. It's creating beauty out of chaos, that can be used to minister to or bring beauty to the lives of people living in chaotic situations or who have had chaotic experiences.

After exhibiting three of these works at Alliance Francias, He created eight more for a charity auction / solo art exhibition later that year in collaboration with Heart to Heart and Girl Unashamed Ministries titled: BEAUTY FROM CHAOS: Abuse series. 

Through future collaborations, he hopes to see many non-profits funded and lots of lives touched as a result of the works these non-profits do.

Past Collaborations