Dela Anyah is a mixed-media artist, writer and designer born in Accra, Ghana. He began his art practice in 2015, through experimentation and self-learning. In 2018, he began a series of work titled Beauty from Chaos, where he seeks to create artwork out of rubbish/discharged materials, that can be used to bring beauty into the lives of people going through chaotic situations.


Born in 1986 in the city of Accra, Dela Anyah is an Artist, Designer and Writer. He attended Achimota Secondary school where he studied Agricultural Science. He later pursued a college degree at the Paris Graduate School of Management where he undertook a BBA degree in Marketing. His journey in the world of art can be said to have been discovered through sheer curiosity.

As a child, Dela had the flair for the arts. Having spent a considerable amount of time in his mother’s atelier while growing up, he made figurines with pieces of cloth and doodled every chance he got using the blank back pages of his mother’s fashion magazines. In Achimota School, he began the habit of doodling funny characters in the notebooks of his friends. It was also in Achimota School that his love of history and antiques were nurtured, as he spent occasions exploring old rooms saturated with history, pathways and buildings that contained what he saw as treasures from the past.

Dela’s journey as a painter was greatly influenced by his trip to Paris, and visit to the Louvre in 2014. This gave him the needed creative energy to explore his talents. It was during this period that he began work on his book The Love Rehab where he explored poetry as an art form, as well as themes of drug abuse, sex, religion and death.

He began his art career in 2015 by exploring the concepts of family life and love. Interestingly, he began painting after experimenting with a gift set of paints and paintbrushes from a friend. Later that year, he began painting a series of testimonies people shared with him. Through these paintings, he sought to solely focus on the mysteries surrounding God.

Beginning in 2018, his works took on a new direction with a focus on societal issues in Ghana and beyond. Having grown up in Ghana and being exposed to various societal issues, he has sought to lay much emphasis on these through his works highlighting its effects on society and how we can actively participate as change agents. He recently executed his maiden solo exhibition ‘‘Beauty from Chaos’’: Abuse series which explores abuse in thought provoking, gripping artworks with its primary focus on women and children. The exhibition featured paintings which were developed based on interactions he had with victims.

For Dela, his ethos in life revolves around a deep-rooted belief in God and a resolve to impact the lives of others through his form of expression. He is passionate about seeing people fulfil their purpose and championing activism on various issues through his works. His style of art is influenced by the intriguing elements of history, antiques, ancient African art and a fusion of contemporary styles.

He derives fulfilment when his works reflects and tells the stories of people and bring hope to many others. For Dela, his works will continue to set the tone for mental discourses, create reforms in society, probe the complexities of life and a mouthpiece for the voiceless.

Dela Anyah

Dela Anyah

Dela Anyah

Dela Anyah